Romeo and Juliet’s presence in Verona

Yes they maybe fictional characters, but there presence and importance in the city is felt throughout

So everyone who has ever read, watched films or been to school, knows of the story of Romeo and Juliet. Though not an original story of Shakespeare, it is his version that has made it a worldwide story. 

In his version it is set in Verona (though it is not sure whether he ever actually visited Italy), so of course it is now seen that Verona is one of the most romantic cities in the world. 

Since then the story has been an important part of Verona and its tourism. Although fictional, they have created houses, and even the balcony itself. There is even a movie based on the area which they dedicate to Juliet (letters to Juliet). 

Romeo’s house 

There isn’t much at this sight except a plaque to tell you that this is Romeo’s house. 

The wall of love 

Just before you enter the courtyard of juliet’s balcony, you pass the wall with thousands of love notes left over the years. You can see the wall is covered in spray paint and sticky notes (now they tell you to use sticky notes) that all follow the same theme, the love notes of everyone who has visited Verona. It is said by doing this your love is eternal. Simon: I do feel that people seem to have forgotten the story – they both die!

Juliet’s balcony 

After you have gone through the alleyway, you enter the courtyard. Above is a balcony that is said to be the balcony that Juliet stood when Romeo revealed his love for her. 

Fact – this balcony was built after the story was written to bring more tourism to the area. 

Though it isn’t the actual balcony, it is a nice novelty to think of the story when by the balcony. You can go up the balcony, at a charge, to be in the footsteps of Juliet. 

Juliet statue 
The bronze statue is situated just below the balcony in the courtyard. It is said that you should rub the right breast to bring yourself luck in love.

This tradition I personally don’t understand, although it is a love story, it is also a tragedy and is not at all a happy ending , maybe this is just me being a realist. 

Letters to Juliet

Anyone who has seen this movie (I can say I haven’t) will understand it, but basically thousands of people every year write to the house in Verona as if they are writing to Juliet. People reply to these every year so they decided to base a movie on this. Be warned, this area is compact and gets very busy, we went early and it was relatively ok so we could walk through with ease. However we went past at around 12pm and you could not move in the alleyway, it was that busy. At that point I was happy that we had already seen it. 


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