Coast to coast 

We have just seen mount Vesuvius – it’s now time to take the coastal route south, then across the country to the other side of Italy, before making our way back up. 


With us not spending as much time in Naples as we thought, we now had the afternoon to drive the coast and see what it had to offer. 

We decided to stop off at the port town of sorrento. It’s not a big place but was full of tourism and character. It is a popular cruise destination, so be warned if you get a day where they have stopped as it will be busy (and that’s exactly what we did).

We parked up in the centre and got our boys out for a nice afternoon stroll. 

The centre is compact so you can park up and walk around it fairly easily. We didn’t do any research so we just walked to see what we could find. Soon enough we came into a square over looked by restaurants and cafes on every corner. We continued down one of the side streets, which turned out to be the main shopping street of sorrento. Every shop has its doors open and goods outside for you too look at. The main things you will find here is pottery and lemons. Yes sorrento is known for lemons and lot of them! Even better if you like alcohol, they are most known for the famous liquor limoncello, which is of course, made of their homegrown lemons. You can even go to workshops to see people make the liquor for you (and sample some).

With us being responsible pawrents we didn’t stop for the tour. 

The street went on and on with lots of people coming from both directions. It gives you a nice feel as everyone tourists and locals are lovely. A lot of them stopped us along the way to say hi to our two boys (they were very popular in Italy). One couple stopped us who were on a cruise, and we started chatting to find out they were from Nantwich! The town we came from to go travelling. It was strange having a chat with someone about our local area, especially as we are so far from home. This just shows that no matter where you are in the world, there will always be someone close by that you have a connection with in some way. 

After our stroll around the town, we started to feel a little hungry. Sorrento is packed full of restaurants and places to sit, however like a lot of places we noticed in Italy, they fit as many tables and chairs in as possible especially in tourist areas. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but with two hairy monsters to keep control of as well, it isn’t a great idea, some people just don’t want to have a dog next to them whilst eating. 

We found a little pizza place that did all sorts of food to sit in or take out. We took this opportunity to get some pizza, because when in Italy there is never such thing as too much pizza (though ask me again next week). 

After we got pizza, we made our way back to the car and off we went. 

After sorrento, it was basically a journey to drive south down the coast for a little while, and then make our way to the other side of Italy. And yes, we did do this in one drive! Simon: I do like to drive! 😊

Coast to coast 

As the title suggest, we spent a couple of weeks driving the west coast of Italy, and now it was time to say goodbye and see the east side. 

We didn’t go all the way to the bottom, due to timings of seeing other things, so a little after sorrento we turned off and spent the evening driving the countryside of Italy. It was a lovely drive and the scenery of the mountains were beautiful, especially as the sun went down. 

By nightfall we had made it to the other side, and not wanting to miss too much, we stopped off and got some rest. 

The east coast of Italy

We woke up the next morning and got on our way bright and early. We love the coast, as you may know by now, so we headed as close as we could and drove. 

Now there isn’t an awful lot of tourism on this side of the country, as all your big cities are on the other side and in the north. Driving through this area, although there were some lovely beaches, which we could take the boys to because no one was around, it was heavily industrial. I’m not saying everywhere was industrial, as there were some towns that were quant little Italian towns, but it is more industrial that what we had seen. Not that this is a bad thing – it has to go somewhere, right? It was a lovely quiet day and not a lot of people drive this route, so was nice to just take the road and follow it. We spent most of the day doing this and we count it as one of our relaxing days. 

Once we heads towards the north again, we had our next destination………


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