A place full of religion and history, that you must visit to really understand what happened in this small yet important town. 

At this stage, we had had a few days of relaxing and just looking at the landscape Italy had to offer, but now it was time to jump back into the history and culture and that’s when we came across Assisi. 

We are not proud to say we didn’t know too much about this town, except Saint Francis was born here, and he was the founder of the Franciscan religious order.  

When walking through the town, you can still feel that history running through today. 

We parked up just outside of the centre and took a walk in. The first part it is a little bit of a hill, but it does have the option of an escalator if needed. You know your in the centre as you approach a large gate, that introduces you into the centre of this religious town. There will be a sign, but it is important to be respectful whilst walking through the town. 

Today for us wasn’t a great day when it came to weather as the fog was quite low. This meant we couldn’t see the views looking out of the town, but on a clear day I can imagine it gives some great views to look at, all we saw though was fog. 

It was like taking a step back in time – the cobbled streets with very little traffic to remind you of the year, and the individual shops for you to browse in. It was a lovely town to just imerse yourself into, we walked down all of the small side streets as well as the squares that open up. I think this is truly the best way of seeing Assisi. This way you can see all of the houses and many sights it has to offer. 

There are many churches in Assisi, with the main one being the basilica of San Francesco d’assisi. Assisi is very well signposted so you will find no problem finding it, and if in doubt follow the crowds!

We managed to loop the town at a strolling pace within a few hours, so it is a good place to visit for the day or afternoon if in the local area. 


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