There she blows (or as it turns out not) 

After having a bed for 3 nights, it was time to get back on the road and go visit one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

After packing everything up and having a nice relaxing morning in the apartment, we said our goodbyes and off we went to carry on our journey. To get back in the swing of things, we decided to take a slow drive down to Naples along the coast. 

Along the coast from Rome to Naples 

This was a lovely drive to do, with the thin windy roads that went in and out of villages, doing this on a warm sunny day was the perfect way of just takin in the views and relaxing.  We took it at a slow pace so this did literally take us all day, with a few stops to take the boys for a walk of course. 


We stopped off over night not far outside of Naples to get a refreshing start on the day. We drove as far into Naples as we could to try and find some parking, this turned it to be a difficult job in itself to be honest. With some smaller car parks in Italy, we found that they will park your car and they keep your keys until you get back. Now I’m sure this is a legit way of parking, but we didn’t like the idea of someone having the keys to our car (especially as it has everything we own in it). So we drove around some more to try and find some parking. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get the feel of Naples that I wanted, which was disappointing. Most of the roads around Naples seem to be having major road works so seeing and getting around was difficult. We went along to coastal front of Naples and there seems to be a renovation ongoing, which don’t get me wrong is great but not for us who are seeing it now. We decided there wasn’t even any point in stopping at this stage, but I would love to come back to Naples maybe in a few years when all the renovations have been completed. 

Mount Vesuvius 

This was the real reason we came to Naples. Naples is known for many things but the main one will be that it is situated just below a volcano. And not just any volcano, one that is still active today and could potentially go off at any point (though there are likely to be warning signs beforehand). 

Even though the risk is low, being in the area does make you a little on edge – I mean everyone knows how it ended for Pompeii!!!

Mount Vesuvius had it’s last eruption in 1944 – according to scientists, it is due another eruption any year now.

After seeing it from a distance, we decided to get a view of it up close! 

We made our way out of Naples and drove towards the volcano itself. We know what everyone is thinking – where is the trip to Pompeii? Well with the dogs and how fragile Pompeii itself is, dogs are understandably not allowed, which is probably best with our pup! This is a little unfortunate but I am sure we will make a trip out again in the future to see Pompeii. 

We made it to the bottom and just looked at the great scale of it and hoped it wouldn’t go off!! 

Luckily, you can drive some of the way up, so we did just that. You can get up quite high, higher than what we thought anyway. We stopped off along the way to see the beautiful views that you can see. This is when Naples is at its greatest, being able to see the landscape of the city and how it follows the volcano, thinking how brave they all must be living so close. 

You can park up at a cost of about €10 towards the top and then take various walking routes the rest of the way. 

Along with timings, and with staying as safe as possible, we decided to stay in the car, take in the views, and made our way back down. 

We viewed her and walked up her, but now it was time not to tempt fate, and drove as far away as possible from the beautiful yet dangerous landscape….but not too far so we could get a view later on that day. 


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