The rolling hills of Tuscany 

When arriving to the Tuscany area, we wanted to see the picturesque images of Italy and we weren’t disappointed. 

We had been, basically, none stop since Spain, so we needed a day to just do nothing, and when I mean nothing, I mean we park up somewhere and watch the world go by. What a better place to do it than in Tuscany, where they are known for having such beautiful views. 

So once we left Florence, we drove towards our next destination but made sure all motorways and toll roads were off the sat nav. For everything we can say bad about driving in Italy, this is one of the positives, and if you do drive, this has to be a route you have to do. 

There is nothing particular to see but you have hills upon hills of vineyards, which in the sun is just a beautifully sight to see. 

So that’s what we did. We drove around the Tuscany hills, just breathing in the fresh air and taking in the views. After spending most of the afternoon driving round, the night was catching up with us, so we stopped and found a nice little stop to park up for the night. After settling for the night, we woke up with the glorious views of Tuscany, and now to start our day of relaxation. 

We drove some more of the hills and found a perfect stop near the top, to look over the views and cook some lunch. We got the table and chairs out with the cooking stove and cooked some food (I’m telling you, we got some funny looks from the people that stopped to also take in the views!). It was a lovely day so it was a good chance to tidy the car (this is important to do quite often especially when it’s basically your home).

We then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, just taking in the views and catching up on blogs. It was nice just to stop and give, not only us, but our boys a rest after doing so much travelling in such a short space of time. I would suggest to anyone that is travelling to do this at least once, to really appreciate what you are doing and to take it all in. 

A quick drawing of the scene below.

We then settled again for the night to get ready for our busy day ahead tomorrow….


2 thoughts on “The rolling hills of Tuscany 

  1. I am enjoying your blog and feel with you on your town juants Looking at a town trip to Florence in may so will take my Natasha and simon blog map with me. Hopefully get to see the church’s. Xx

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