Top tips on taking your dog around a city 

Taking your dogs travelling may seem like an easy task, but there are a lot of things to consider – read our previous blog to how we did this (What about the dogs). After you have made the decision of taking your dogs with you, then you have to think about where your going to be going. If you already have a list in mind, then research these places and think if they are really suitable for dogs. 

We have two large dogs, so places we can’t go, doesn’t necessarily mean that your miniature poodle can’t go either.

No matter where you go, chances are at some point your going to be hitting a city, whether it’s for site seeing or getting some shopping, so it’s important that you have everything you need for your dog to have a safe and enjoyable time. 

Here are a few tips on what to keep in mind when in a city with a dog. 

  1. Make sure they have plenty of water before you start (they are like children – if they don’t have water beforehand they will want it as soon as you leave). 
  2. Make sure you take something to supply your dogs with water if its a long day (a lot of cities and towns have water points but don’t presume they all do). 
  3. Keep some treats with you whilst walking anywhere (it’s a long day and they will get hungry just like us) 
  4. Feel confident in controlling your dogs (if your nervous your dog is going to be to). 
  5. Make sure they know the commands your going to be setting (don’t start new commands when in a city, keep it simple). 
  6. Don’t put your dog in an uncomfortable environment, if they don’t like it, take them away 
  7. Always check the city your going to, some require muzzles and require dogs to be on leads at all times. 
  8. Take dog bags with you, the worst thing to happen is not have any bags and be fined for not picking up any mess (cities keep bags next to their dog bins, but again this is not every city so keep a supply just incase). 
  9. Make sure you pace your dog, you know how much they can walk but in a city you may not notice the distance your travelling (and if anything it gives you a rest too)
  10. Most of all, make sure your dogs are happy and enjoy travelling with them – it’s a once in a lifetime experience for both of you that not many have chance to do

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