Our journey from Marseille to Cannes

Today was a busy day – we went from marseille to cannes, and even stopped off at St Tropez.


Marseille has been occupied by humans for 30,000 years, we know this as cave markings were found in an underwater cave.

What a start to a city could you need. It has been occupied by humans for 30,000!!! I mean that is impressive and I couldn’t fit in one blog what it has been through since then, all I can say is do your research and check out the highs and lows of this beautiful city (and there has been lot of lows).

We had a great nights sleep and that is always a plus when we know it is going to be a busy day. We made a move and parked in the centre of Marseille, again this is another busy city so be careful when choosing to drive. We always knew it would be likely that we would like marseille, it is a port town after all! We walked around the city seeing what it has to offer and like many places we have already seen on our journey it was a beautiful one. We turned around corners and there would be something different to see. We passed lovely sqaures with restaurants after restaurants waiting for you to take a seat and take in the views. We walked along the port where we were made more jealous by the numerous yachts and boats sat there, and we just stood there to take in the views of that mediterranean ocean we keep bumping into (we couldnt stand there too long, the boys didnt appreciate being that close to the water without being able to jump in). Monty especially loved marseille as he could see all the fish which he just longed to eat (the only problem with him being brought up on the fresh salmon in scotland). We walked around some more before heading to the car, on the way back we noticed an archealogical site which was the old roman harbour.

Marseille was a lovely place with lots to see, unfortunatley a lot of the sites we couldnt see with our boys so this is another one I would say to take a trip without pets.

After marseille, we then made our journey down the French Riviera and towards Cannes.

St Tropez 

All I can say is even if you didnt want to see these places (I dont know why you wouldnt but hey) I would recommend for you to drive the French Riviera. These are some of the best views we have seen to date, whilst driving through the small villages on the coast you can just look out and see the Mediterranean staring straight back at you. None of the photos I put on here or you see online will do it justice.

So it took us most of the afternoon to drive the coastal route and we arrived in st tropez in the late afternoon. This was only a quick visit and I think we would only come back if we had a lot more money than we do now! But all I can say is that it was lovely and when I say lovely I mean a designer label on every corner sort of lovely. So yes I would only recommend going to st tropez if you had the money to shop there or loved window shopping. Oh and I would say this is a place we would never take our boys, we didnt even get out of the car the streets were small and very busy.

Cannes by night

After our quick stop we carried onto cannes. Now both me and simon love films so Cannes was a place we wanted to visit. I mean it holds one of the most well known film festival in the world and plays host to so many of the stars.

I always think that seeing a city at night lets you see the truth of the city. And oh my, Cannes did not dissapoint. We drove into cannes in the late evening when the sun had already gone down, and it looked just as glorious at night. We drove up and down the main street and saw the hustle and bustle was very much alive with people at every restaurant and the most famous shops lit up for everyone to see. This was just a little taster of what I would see tomorrow and it almost made me sad that I had to drive away and wait until morning.










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