Welcome to my Facebook page blog!! And why I have created it 

This blog really just explains why I have decided to create a Facebook page and keep everyone up to date with my travels. 

When we decided to give up our jobs and come travelling, it hit me – what are we going to do? I mean, yes, we are travelling, so a lot of our time will be walking, driving, seeing all of the places around us, but what about the times we are not doing that? I’ve been working since 17 and haven’t really stopped since (except the time I went to uni for two months, but we don’t talk about that), so now all of my time is just for us and not working stupid hours every week. So I thought it would be good to keep us occupied with something. 

That’s when we had the idea of setting up a travel blog. It’s something that is very popular at the moment, but I love writing and it’s a great way if anything to have a record of our travels (even if no one else reads it). 

I then researched the best website to create a blog on, and here we are WordPress, and so I started to write. 

I was sharing all of my blogs to my personal Facebook page, which is fine when your sharing a couple of things, but with the amount of travelling and blogs we are going to be doing, nevermind all of the photos, it was taking up far too much space on my profile, and I can imagine it would get quite annoying too. 

So I decided to create a Facebook page! This way people who choose to like this page want to actually see my blogs and photos. It’s also great for me to tell how my blogs are doing and whether people actually like them. 

As it stand, they are doing well but I would love more people to see what we are doing, because I think it shows that, no matter what is going on with your life, if you want to travel, just go and do it! We had millions of commitments, but choosing what was important in life made our decision easy. 

So to follow our journey, follow our blog website, and Like our Facebook page on the following link.

Quinlan travel guide Facebook page  
We would also like everyone who enjoys our blogs to share our Facebook page and any posts on there that you may feel inspired by. 


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