Genoa (couldn’t think of a better title) 

We left Milan and started to make our way through the hills of Italy towards Genoa.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of a city, it was nice to drive out into the countryside. These were the views that we wanted, and everyone imagines, when you think of Italy. The deeper we got into the countryside, the more vineyards we started to see, and all we could think is how much more we would appreciate it if we actually drank wine – maybe one day we can appreciate it a little more. 

The closer we got to genoa, the further away we got from the rolling hills and closer to the ocean (let’s hope we get to see views of the vineyards again). 

Yes I know, I’m sorry, Genoa is another port town that we will be talking about, but trust me this one is brief. 

Genoa was the birth place of the great Christopher Columbus. 

Coming into Genoa, it seemed like a very hectic city (which says a lot because we have just left Milan). So before we hit any of the zone traffic areas (I think we missed them this time), we found a car park and parked up.

Now I apologise to anyone who is from or loves Genoa, but our first impressions weren’t great. That feeling I go on about a lot – I just wasn’t feeling it, but we were out of the car so let’s give it a chance and walk into the centre.

There is a lot of history around Genoa and the buildings were beautiful, so we took a look round the centre and towards the port. 

Our first impressive building we saw in Genoa was the Medieval gates. These gates are impressive and it gives you an idea of where the city walls would have been when they were first built. Walking through the gates you then enter the small streets of Genoa. Full of people walking in and out of the streets, you could feel the atmosphere, although I don’t think I would like to come down these small streets after dark. 

After walking for a little while, passing some historical buildings along the way, we then came across the cathedral of St. Lawrence. It is a beautiful building and you can see the gothic architecture of the building, which you will see a lot of around this area. 

The streets were small and very busy, so with two large dogs we decided it would be best to head towards the port and get out in the open. The port itself was an impressive one with boats lined up across the front (it also had a pirate ship aswell) and you could see the aquarium which is lined up along side the port (this aquarium is the largest in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe). We took a stroll along the port, passing all of the restaurants and bars along the way and then made our way back to the centre. 

Going back towards the centre you get a good view of the palace of Saint George, which is another impressive building full of colour and elegance. Passing the palace we head back through the small cobbled streets and we hit the piazza de Ferrari. 

After seeing all of the small streets to come out to such a square is a pleasant surprise. There are building everywhere you look and they are all as impressive as each other. We had a quick walk around the shopping sector before making our way back towards the car. 

This was a small and very quick trip to Genoa, and although lovely and charming, there was something that I just didn’t like from this city. That being said, if you are passing the area I would recommend going in and making that decision for yourself.


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