Live Like A Quinlan is the essence of everything we incorporate into our everyday lives, we push this to our very limits and only then we can really succeed. 

– Natasha Quinlan, Creator at Live Like A Quinlan


What we sell


One of my many passions is art and I love to get that on paper as much as I can. This is something I want to share with the world so I have set up an Etsy page to sell some of my personal artwork. Check it out here





Me and my husband late last year decided to quit everything and go travelling, so we did just that. Along with our two dogs we packed everything up and hit the road around Europe. Here our adventures to show what we got up to.





I love fashion, but I think its important to always look your best but also to be comfortable. I like to think I can get that balanced and want to share that knowledge so we can all be stylish yet comfortable…………Check out my fashion blogs here!!

Home And Style

It just isn’t about styling yourself but also your home, I take pride in what my house looks like and love a good tip on how to do that. Check out them blogs here

Health And Fitness

It is becoming my mission to be not only fitter but healthier, this includes healthier recipes (though I may show indulging recipes on occasion) and fitness plans. Check them out here

Dogs And Your Life With One It It

We have two wonderful dogs and I love to write about them, so I do and a lot! Though some are just stories about my boys, I write about getting a dog and then everything that comes afterwards, its the best but there is always something to be learnt…..even for me!!

Check out my blogs here! 

All About Us

Here are four lives that came together on one path and with that came a big adventure to find ourselves.

As a family we work together to be the best we can be and we all have our roles to play to make that happen.

Me, Natasha is the organised and the head of operations, Simon deals with the mathematical side of any job, whilst the boys sit back and enjoy the ride.